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Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church of Miami, Inc. was founded by the late Rev. Page, on the third Sunday in August 1917. There are no documents covering the early history of the church, however, a living member who served under the pastorate of Rev. Page provided pertinent facts pertaining to the church’s organization. These facts were supported by residents in the immediate vicinity of the church. At its inception, Mount Sinai Baptist Church was housed in a tin structure with a sawdust floor, directly behind 1417 NW 5th Place, which was then known as Grant Avenue. Late in 1921, this structure was torn down and a wooden building was constructed.


Rev. Page served as Pastor for a few months before departing from Mt. Sinai. Soon after, the officers called the late Rev. E. M. Thomas to the pastorate early in 1922. Service was held in this structure until after the 1926 hurricane. In 1927, Rev. Thomas and the membership converted the barn-type building into a regular frame church structure. He continued to serve in the newly renovated structure, constantly increasing the membership. During this period, the church acquired the nickname of the "Georgia Church" because many of the members migrated from Georgia. In 1932, Mount Sinai launched a new building drive and tore down the framed structure. Although the pastoral services of Rev. E. M. Thomas ended abruptly, Mount Sinai's building program continued to thrive while services were held in a storefront on NW 14th Street.


Early in 1933, the services of the late Rev. S. A. Thomas were engaged as Supply Pastor. Later that year he was officially called as Pastor. Under his leadership and guidance, the building program was completed and the cornerstone laid February, 1934, with the following names inscribed thereon: Deacon A. Plowden, Chairman of Deacons' Board; Brother George Simpson, Chairman, Trustee Board; Rev. S. A. Thomas, Pastor.


In 1962, the City of Miami, under the Urban Renewal Program, decided to build an expressway in the vicinity of the church. The church then engaged in the search for a new site. In November 1963, Mount Sinai contracted to purchase the Miami Primitive Baptist Church at 698 NW 47th Terrace. The Mortgage deed was acquired on October 14, 1965 and the church was occupied by the membership, during a "marching-in-ceremonial" service on Sunday, October 18, 1965. In acquiring the new church edifice, the membership set a goal to pay-off the mortgage in record time. Unfortunately, Rev. Thomas passed before this goal came to fruition. The membership celebrated the home going services of the late Rev. S. A. Thomas on December 26, 1966. Rev. Thomas rendered a total of 31 years of faithful, dedicated, leadership, providing a highly motivated spiritual service in which many of the current membership experienced and shared. Under the leadership of the officers, the membership continued to meet the obligations of the church, engaging the services of supply ministers. In March 1967, Mt. Sinai obtained a paid in full SATISFACTION OF MORTGAGE on the church.


Rev. Cleo O. Albury, Jr., was called as Pastor in early March, and installation services were held on Sunday, June 25, 1967. Rev. Albury served until December 1972. The church continued to function under the sincere and dedicated leadership of the Officers of the Church, with Deacon J.D. Allen serving as Chairman of the Deacon's Board.


Rev. Robert B. Carter was called as Pastor in June 1973 and served until November 30, 1999. During his 26 years of service the membership worked both, diligently and untiringly, to enlarge the edifice to its current structure.


In October 2OO2, Rev. Johnny L. Barber, II was called as the sixth Pastor of Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. Installation Services were held on Sunday, November 17, 20O2. Pastor Barber, under the unction of the Holy Spirit in 2003, immediately added the New Disciples Orientation Ministry to equip and educate new converts and new members as to their decision to unite with this local body of baptized believers. Under Pastor Barber’s pastorate the church has engaged in several beautification projects to improve the aesthetic appearance of the Lord’s house. In 2003 we were able to reupholster our pews, install new chandeliers, install new ceiling tiles (annex and sanctuary), furnish and carpet the pastor’s study.

: Outreach/In-reach Ministry, Dance Ministry (liturgical, step and sign), as well as our Christian Drama Ministry. Early in Presently we have experienced numerical, spiritual and financial growth as the Lord continues to send disciples. In January 2004 our ministry grew when the following ministries to the life of the church to meet the needs of the masses: Senior Citizens Ministry, Singles Ministry, Praise Team, Young Adult Ministry, Couples Ministry, Sports/Health Care Ministry, Girl Scouts Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Community and Political Awareness Ministry, Evangelism2004 we were able to pave our parking lot, install a new sound system and add additional computers. The Lord continues to smile upon our church as we have traveled throughout the U.S. to render worship services.


As God continues to bless and shower us with His grace and mercy, "The Mount" will continue carving contemporary pages in religious history.

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